I will list assignments only after they enter the public domain.

Non-Executive Chair – LEBC Holdings Ltd

I am pleased to have been appointed to the board of LEBC Holdings, which owner of the LEBC Group an independent financial and employee benefits adviser with 18 branches across the UK. Its majority shareholder is AIM-listed B P Marsh

ESG Validation


ESG Validation PartnershipSenior Partner

Where do investors go to secure independent, objective and neutral assessments and validations of the claims of their potential clients?

The purpose of ESG Validation is to provide the investment community with independent, consistent, and evidence-based assessment of environmental, societal and good governance (ESG) performance, and validation of ESG claims by companies.

We support the investor community and official regulators: we do not work for companies or corporations (except at the behest of an investor); we do not support or advise charities; we do not partner with private ESG ratings, leagues or endorsement schemes or enterprises.

We believe this exclusive focus enhances the probity of the advice we offer investors. 

For further information, please go to our ESG website

With Sir Charles Bowman, Lord Mayor of London at the Commonwealth Business Forum 2018

City of LondonSenior Adviser on Diplomatic Engagement

Working from the Office of the City Remembrancer, I have been asked to assist and advise the City Corporation to expand its diplomatic strategy. The City, through the Lord Mayor, the Chair of Policy and Resources, and the elected members has enormous international reach. As the world of foreign relations becomes more complex and to a degree more contested, the City wants to make the whole of its resources deliver more than the sum of its parts. My work is not public facing or representative. My task is to ensure that the elected officers are able to have greater and more sustained impact in their work. This assignment occupies, on average, about 25% of my time.