Throughout my working life, I have had the privilege of acting as a mentor to fellow chief executives and senior managers . I have been able to act as an impartial yet empathetic listener. My approach is to help colleagues consider options, work through strategic challenges, and address issues around interpersonal relationships with stakeholders and fellow senior executives.

Much of my working life has required me to exercise high levels of official and personal discretion. I am comfortable at sharing my own experiences, especially the bad ones, as ways of discussing and reviewing the problems facing colleagues.

I am willing to mentor up to three individuals at any time. We proceed in six month blocks. We meet personally every month for 90 minutes (I much prefer face-to-face but it can but done through Skype), and you will have telephone access to me for up to 120 minutes every month. I will also respond to private emails. If circumstance or events require more time, then we can discuss how that can be done.

If you are interested in being mentored by me, then please send an email to . There is a fee for my mentoring support, but if time permits, I will waive the fee and any costs for leaders addressing issues of poverty and deprivation, or working in such circumstances.